Saskatchewan Cycling Women’s Week

We are delighted to announce the first ever SCA Women’s Cycling Week from September 14- 20, 2020.  The Saskatchewan Cycling Association will be hosting a series of webinars, training sessions, and a virtual ride and social.

This week is dedicated to getting more females on their bike and introducing them to the wonderful benefits of being part of one of the many great organized cycling clubs in Saskatchewan, while also enhancing the experience for those already riding at the local club and team level.

During this week you can ride outside and post your ride to Social Media with the hashtag #SCAWomensWeek for a chance to win your 2021 SCA general membership free ($50 value).  Keep checking this page for the links to zoom.


Monday September 14th at 7:00pm on zoom

Meeting ID: 837 9746 3139

Passcode: 238151

Basic Mechanic Skills

Cathy, a mechanic with Bruce’s Cycle Works, will be sharing some basic maintenance skills that every cyclist should know.  Will include a demonstration of how to change a flat tire and how to find a proper saddle to fit the female cyclist.

Tuesday September 15th at 7:00pm on zoom

Meeting ID: 837 9746 3139

Passcode: 238151

Cycling Gear

There are so many new words to know when you start cycling.  Chamois anyone?  If you know want to know the low downs of the proper gear for riding is Nicole de Bond and Wendy Bachelu will be leading a discussion on the necessary gear for cycling.

Wednesday September 16th at 7:00pm on zoom

Meeting ID: 837 9746 3139

Passcode: 238151

Trail Maintenance

Meeting ID: 837 9746 3139

Passcode: 238151

Do you believe in Trail Karma?  When mountain biking, trail maintenance is always a top priority.  Many clubs offer maintenance days to help keep the trails that you ride in amazing shape.  Come out and learn from the experts at IMBA Canada about trail maintenance so when you attend a maintenance day, you are not feeling overwhelmed.

Thursday September 17th at 7:00pm on zoom

Meeting ID: 837 9746 3139

Passcode: 238151

Nutrition for the Female Cyclist

Long rides are tough and the key is proper nutrition.  Keely Shaw is a National Team Athlete and studies nutrition at the University of Saskatchewan and she will give everyone some great tips on keeping your body properly fueled to help you reach all your cycling goals

Friday September 18th at 7:00pm on zoom

Meeting ID: 837 9746 3139

Passcode: 238151

Training for Female Cyclists

Fitness Instructor Melanie Stevenson will go over off-the bike training that will help you achieve your cycling goals.  All of the exercises that will be shown can be performed in the comfort of your own home.

Saturday September 19th at 9:00am on RGT

To enter RGT ride you must download the RGT app, do so on your mobile phone, as the program works off of a phone.   Your TV monitor or computer monitor is the screen you can view on.

RGT No-Drop Social Virtual Ride

RGT is a free app that you can download.  Must have a bike and trainer to connect.

Sunday September 20th at 3:00pm on zoom

Meeting ID: 892 4942 5748
Passcode: 828286

Social hour

A chance to connect with your fellow cyclists from the comfort of your own patio.  Tell us what you liked/didn’t like and maybe tell us what you would like to more information on.