The Saskatchewan Cycling Association (SCA) is seeking members interested in participating in the development of the framework to guide a new Cycling For All (C4A) Committee. This is an exciting volunteer opportunity to be a part of future growth of Saskatchewan’s broader cycling community.

Because this is planned as an expansion and renaming of the existing R&T Committee, there is a need to ensure that the existing work done by members carries through to the new structure.

The goal of this committee will be the development of a framework to address the evolution of the C4A committee.

Key to the goals of the committee will be the inclusion of voices from a cross section of communities and groups including 5 to 7 members with backgrounds or interest in, but not limited to

Women’s Cycling

GASP Committee


Mountain Bike – Non-XC


Touring – (GASP) / Randonneuring / Bikepacking



Key Responsibilities include:  

Attend four to six C4A steering committee meetings as necessary to complete a set of recommendations and a draft framework to the SCA Board of Directors.

Provide support and feedback on the construction of the committee’s and subcommittee’s framework and constitution.

Assist with recruiting and identification of subcommittee members.

What about you? 

Interest in Cycling

Ability to act honestly and in good faith with the best interests of the SCA in mind 

Experience being part of committees would be an asset.

Please fill out your contact information below if you are interested in becoming a member of the SCA Cycling for All Steering Committee, save, and email it to by February 28, 2023 @ 5:00 pm.