Become a cycling “Learning Facilitator”

Become a cycling “Learning Facilitator”

Do you have a passion for cycling?

Are you interested in teaching/instructing?

Does developing other coaches in the province interest you?

Saskatchewan Cycling is looking to build capacity for cycling development in Saskatchewan. Our goal is to train coach learning facilitators who can facilitate coach training (both online and in-person) approximately 1  to 2 times a year (primarily in the spring).  Clinics are typically 4 to 6 hours in length, have 10-15 participants and faciliators earn $200.00 – $300.00 per clinic which includes course prep and set-up.

What is a Learning Facilitator:  A Learning Facilitator is an experienced coach trained to develop, support, and challenge coaches in training. NCCP Learning Facilitators / Coach Developers help coaches hone and improve their knowledge and skills so they can provide positive and effective spot experiences for all participants.

Who makes a good facilitator?

  • Active listener
  • Organized
  • Strong communication skills
  • Empathy
  • Patience
  • Authenticity

If this sounds like a good fit, don’t miss this chance to attend Cycling Canada’s online training session with other coaches across Canada and for Free!!

WHAT:  Content Specific Learning Facilitator training

WHEN: March 28 and 29

WHO: Lead by Paul Jurbala – Master Coach Developer

HOW: Via Zoom (See instructions to register below)

COST: $0.00



Coach candidates must be:

  1. Community Trained or Comp-Intro Certified in order to take the training.
  2. Coaches must have completed Making Ethical Decision (MED) and Learning Facilitator Core Training prior to attending this training.

REGISTER: Register through the Cycling Canada LMS. Passcode to register is CCLF2023! 

 Available MED and Core Trainings in Saskatchewan:

 Saskatchewan (online):