7 reasons to join Sask Cycling… even if you’re not racing

7 reasons to join Sask Cycling… even if you’re not racing

By Molly Hurford

If you aren’t into bike racing or you’re not planning on racing this year, you may not have put much thought into joining a cycling association like Sask Cycling. The idea that “It’s just for race registration,” is a common mistake that people make when thinking about signing up for the first time or renewing their membership. But Sask Cycling is about so much more than racing—here are the other reasons to consider signing up!



This is a huge benefit, and the most often overlooked, but cyclists who opt for the add-on insurance policy that’s available as an Saskatchewan Cycling Association member for only $20 are covered not just at SCA-sanctioned events, but also while training solo on the road, trail, or track. It’s almost impossible to find a similar policy for cycling through any other group or organization, and as a cyclist and a vulnerable road user, it’s important that you’re covered. You can find out more about the insurance coverage right here.



There are dozens of cycling clubs within Saskatchewan, and being part of Sask Cycling means that you’re only one step away from a club membership (typically around $50). These clubs don’t just host group rides, they often have their own online communities on Facebook and Instagram, and for cyclists who don’t have other friends who love to ride, finding a local club can be a critical part of finding enjoyment—and more challenge!—in cycling. Many of the clubs even have hookups with local shops and club sponsors—the Moose Jaw Pavers get 15 percent off of the Ryan Leech Connection website that focuses on bike skills. (Find a list of clubs in the province right here.)


Group rides

A club like the Moose Jaw Pavers, for instance, holds youth rides, Thursday night MTB rides, and women-only rides, in addition to plenty of other fun events throughout the season, like self-led challenges. Of course, during the pandemic, the group rides have been curtailed, but many clubs are hoping to bring them back this season. You can keep an eye on Sask Cycling Events page here for details as they become available.


Virtual Rides

Through some of the cycling clubs in the province, there are plenty of online virtual options for newer cyclists hoping to connect with other riders at a time when connecting in real life is difficult. HPL Cycling has held online race series’, for example, and currently hosts a Saturday morning virtual “no-drop” ride on the Zwift platform. (You can find out more on their website here.)



Sask Cycling is all about furthering rider education on topics ranging from fitness and training to mental wellness to bike mechanics. In April alone, you can check out the Self-Massage for Athletes webinar on April 7 as well as one on Mental Performance Goals on April 12. These webinars are hosted by Sask Cycling and feature top experts in the province who are providing tons of valuable insights that can improve your cycling and enjoyment of the sport.


Discounts on Awesome Products

  • Rack Attack: Rack Attack can outfit your car with all the top-notch brands like Thule, Yakima, and Kuat. SCA members get 10% off on any racks on the Rack Attack website. You just need to visit this link and enter your UCI ID OR Provincial membership number to gain access.
  • : This app transports you to iconic rides from around the world with high quality videos that sync to your trainer. Right now, you can use promo code 2021CCanada! to start your free 30-day trial and get access to exclusive courses.
  • Bracelayer Apparel: A BC-based company that specializes in Knee Stabilizing Compression Pants. Their compression gear features a thin layer of medical-grade, perforated neoprene around the knee, hips & IT bands to help stabilize the joints and reduce knee pain. SCA members get 35% OFF on all Bracelayer Knee Stabilizing Compression Pants + free Shipping on orders over $100 with checkout code: SCA35
  • Mountain Lab Gear: BC-based Mountain Lab has a Flashlight system that is perfect for all your night biking adventures. The flashlight kit’s include a fully rechargeable battery that you can charge via USB cable and can be mounted with a GoPro mount. SCA members currently receive 40% off all the flashlights by using the code SCA40.
  • Velofix Saskatchewan:  Velofix will come to your door and service your bike, meaning less time spent in the shop and more riding for you.  Show your SCA membership and receive 10% off services
  • Local Bike Stores:  Show your local bike store your membership card and receive 10% off accessories



If you’re new to the sport of cycling, it can feel a little lonely out there on the road. But whether you’re checking out a local race series, a club ride, a virtual event or even just hanging out on Sask Cycling’s Facebook or Instagram pages, you can connect with other local riders and compare tips, tricks, and favorite riding routes. For many people, the camaraderie is what keeps them excited about racing—much more so than the results!


Find out more about membership options and sign up for your 2021 Sask Cycling membership here.

About the writer:

Molly Hurford is a journalist in love with all things cycling, running, nutrition and movement-related. When not outside, she’s writing about being outside and healthy habits of athletes and interviewing world-class athletes and scientists for The Consummate Athlete podcast and website, and most recently launched the book ‘Becoming A Consummate Athlete.‘ She’s the author of multiple books including the Shred Girls, a young adult fiction series and online community focused on getting girls excited about bikes. Molly is a little obsessed with getting people psyched on adventure and being outside, and she regularly hosts talks and runs clinics for cyclists and teaches yoga online and IRL… And in her spare time, the former Ironman triathlete now spends time tackling long runs and rides on trails or can be found out hiking with her mini-dachshund DW and husband, cycling coach and kinesiologist Peter Glassford.