Saskatchewan Cycling Association Publications

The Saskatchewan Cycling Association has a number of trail guides and cycling and safety resources. The Association is also proud of Riding With the Wind, The history of cycling in Saskatchewan, which has won Honorable Mention from the 2002 International Association of Sports Museums and Halls of Fame Communications Awards.

Riding With the Wind – A history of cycling in Saskatchewan.
Saskatchewan Mountain Bike Guide and Training Manual.

Pamphlets on safe cycling:
Roads are For Sharing – The Motorist
Roads are For Sharing – The Cyclist

Cycling Mileage Achievement Award (CMAP)

As a member of the Saskatchewan Cycling Association, we are pleased to offer you an opportunity to participate in the ongoing Saskatchewan Cycling Mileage Achievement Program (CMAP). The program is a cycling participation program to recognize the kilometres that our members cycle each calendar year. To participate, simply keep a log of the kms that you cycle starting Sept 1 to Aug 31 and submit it to the SCA office before Sept 15. You will be eligible for an award at the SCA annual meeting, if you have complied with the rules and regulations.

for more info go to the SCA Awards page

Can-Bike Program