Performance Cycling Program (PCP)

Performance Cycling Program

The Performance Cycling Program (PCP) is SCA’s provincial high performance cycling program focused on the Olympic cycling disciplines within Saskatchewan (SK).
• It is led by the provincial head coach.
• It feeds from the SK population and local SK cycling clubs.
• It is intended for youth cycling athletes age 13 to 22 (Under 23) during the year of competition.
• The aim is athlete high performance.
• The focus is high performance development.
• The PCP seeks to utilize SK resources of people, land, clubs, coaches, technology, talent, and industry to support SK youth pursuing competitive cycling dreams toward the National/International level.
• The objectives are:
1) increase the pool of competitive cycling youth athletes training and racing within the province of SK.
2) have SK athletes competitive at national race competitions.
3) promote SK athlete’s selection to National Cycling Teams, National Trade Teams, National Projects, Private elite NCCP coaches and/or achievement of a National Athlete Performance Standard.

Please see our new PCP program webpage at for the most up to date information on our program.

Our Goal: The long-term goal is to produce a consistent stream of cycling talent to compete in Olympic cycling disciplines, and to achieve podium performances nationally. Athletes in this program will channel into National team programs and cycling trade teams based on their performances at the National level. The program will utilize and apply Cycling Canada Long Term Athlete Development Model as a guide and reference for development and implementation.

Our Vision: Create a provincially and nationally recognized talent development program that prepares athletes for success in provincial and National high performance programs, by providing a highest level of coaching and training, sport science, competition structure, and athlete support services. This will result in athletes achieving elite status, measuring themselves against the best in the nation, while maintaining close ties with the local cycling community.

SCA Provincial Team policies for all teams

  • To be eligible for selection, athletes must be licensed members of the Saskatchewan Cycling Association, and must carry the designation ‘Canadian’ on their licenses. (Some exceptions may apply.)
  • If a selected rider refuses his or her position on the Provincial Team, the Racing Committee may at their discretion choose to replace that rider; in the case that another rider is selected, the position will become a “Racing Committee Selection”.
  • Projects are partially funded by the Saskatchewan Cycling Association; selected athletes are responsible to contribute a portion of the costs.
  • Athletes are required to sign all the program documentation prior to taking part in a project.
  • Athletes must wear the Provincial Team uniform when competing for Team Saskatchewan.
  • Athletes must complete the WADA anti-doping education module ” Athlete Learning Program about Health and Anti-Doping (ALPHA)” before taking part in any Provincial Team activities.

Athletes may be selected for doping control at any of the races listed above. It is the athlete’s responsibility to become familiar with doping control procedures, and the list of restricted and banned substances. Athletes should consult the Canadian Center for Ethics in Sport ( for information on restricted substances, therapeutic exemptions, and other doping control matters.

For details on specific selection criteria click on the provincial team project below:

2019 Western Canada Summer Games Selection Criteria

2019 Performance Cycling Program Documents

Anti Doping Policy

SCA Athlete Waiver


SCA Performance Cycling Program

SCA-PCP Schedule