South West Blazing Saddles Tour

Registration is now open!  The Rec Riders tour is currently FULL.  All applicants will now be placed on the waiting list

The Great Annual Saskatchewan Pedal (GASP) provides an introduction to cycle touring in a supportive manner. Luggage is transported for cyclists in vans with trailers that make periodic stops and provide refreshments including juice, water, fruit and light snacks. The objective of GASP is to provide a cycle touring experience that will foster cycle touring in the Province and the development of tours by other cycling bodies and clubs in Saskatchewan.

GASP 2018 will be exploring the South West area of Saskatchewan.  Starting and ending in the town of Gull Lake and encompassing over 500 km of cycling. Along the way there will be opportunities to explore the Great Sand Hills, Cypress Hills, and Fort Walsh.  The tentative tour route is shown and described below however it is subject to change as tour logistics are established.

GASP 2018 Tour Route

The Tour will provide two departure opportunities with the first tour group departing on Saturday, July 21st and the second tour group departing on Sunday, July 22nd.  There will be a two night stay in Maple Creek which will provide an opportunity for both tour groups to share a common event.

Day 1: Gull Lake to Cabri                     61 km

Day 2: Cabri to Leader                         87 km

Day 3: Leader to Maple Creek             113 km

Day 4: Fort Walsh Return                    Varies

Day 5: Maple Creek to Cypress PP      46 km

Day 6: Cypress PP to Eastend             93 km

Day 7: Eastend to Gull Lake                 87 km

The tour will provide two departure dates for participants and provide two styles of support.

Go Go Tour Group:  Departing Saturday, July 21.  This tour is geared towards the more experienced touring cyclists and provides a basic level of support. There will always be support for riders available and one sag stop provided each day.

Rec Riders Tour Group:  Departing Sunday, July 22. This section is geared towards the less experienced touring cyclist and provide a SAG wagon stop approximately 20-30 kms.

All Applications and $100 deposits received by May 1 will be on a first come first serve basis.  SCA reserves the right to make the final selection on which tour you will be on

Terms and Conditions • The route is subject to finalization closer to the event. The route may be slightly modified by tour leaders as required to maintain a safe and enjoyable event for all participants.  If you are not on the tour you will be placed on the waiting list.   All parties on the waiting list will receive their deposit back. • A deposit of $100 is required by May 1 for each participant. Payment in full, based on the options selected by participants is due by June 1. The deposit is fully refundable until May 1st, following May 1st the deposit is non-refundable. • All tour fees are quoted in Canadian dollars. • Cheques must be made payable to the SCA. • The tour is non-profit and does not involve any fundraising. • Cyclists of all ages and skill levels are welcome to participate, but a parent must supervise participants under the age of 18, during the tour. • Participants must be SCA members at the time of the tour and must complete the SCA waiver form for insurance purposes. The cost of the SCA membership fee is not included in the costs of the tour. The SCA membership form and information are available on the SCA website • Luggage will be limited to one to two bags per participant with the total weight not exceeding 18kg (40 pounds, including the participants camping gear if applicable). • Each participant is entitled to bring one self-propelled bicycle of their choosing. • All information, personal or otherwise, collected through registration forms for the event will be used by the SCA only for stated purposes, i.e. to confirm participation, secure payment, and communicate with participants about the event. • All participants while on their bicycles must wear ANSI or CSA approved cycling helmets during the tour. • The SCA may cancel the tour because of insufficient registrations or unforeseen circumstances. In the event of cancellation due to other causes than insufficient numbers, (eg weather or emergencies), participants will be advised as soon as possible. In no circumstances is the SCA responsible for additional costs such as travel, time off work, vacation costs, etc.


Great Annual Saskatchewan Pedal

GASP 2015, From Border to Border!
July 18-26, 2015

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