Being a coach is one of the greatest things you can do to contribute to sport in your community, city and province. Below is a list of relevant information that may assist you in starting or continuing your coaching plans.

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Coaching Goals – The SCA can help you get to your coaching goals. Don’t let money or lack of a coaching group be your barrier. We can assist you financially in your pursuit of coaching levels an we can help you find other coaches and coached groups to work with. All you have to do is ask! Submit all requests in writing.

Coaching Masters Athletes resource launched by CAC Masters sport is booming, and older athletes are seeking coaching guidance as they strive to learn new skills, improve their performance, or compete successfully. Coaching Masters Athletes, a new NCCP resource now available for coaches, offers an exciting opportunity for all coaches to have a positive impact on the lives of adults who want to lead a healthy and active lifestyle, and on society by encouraging more adults to be active. A copy of the resource is on pdf.

Coaching Courses – Contact the SCA to find out when the next scheduled course is.
The SCA offers Let’s Ride! and Ready to Race! NCCP courses.  The following diagram shows the training pathway for Let’s Ride! and Ready to Race, a broad statement is these courses replace the old NCCP Level 1 and 2 courses.

The Canadian Cycling Association offers Competition Development, which will replaces Level 3 Technical, will be called “Performance Cycling” while the Competition High Performance program, which will eventually replace Level 4/5, will be called “Excellence Cycling”.  Coaches certified in these levels will be called “Performance Coach” and “Excellence Coach”, respectively. Finally, the to-be-developed Community Ongoing program is to be called Cycling for Life! and coaches will be called “Participation Coach”.

Respect in Sport (RiS) policy – Sask Cycling is committed to creating a sport environment in which all individuals are treated with respect and dignity. Coaches have a responsibility to create a sporting environment that is free of harassment, abuse, bullying and neglect. The SCA requires that all coaches participating in cycling have completed the online Respect in Sport (RiS) certification (or equivalency), as required by Sask Sport Inc. Respect in Sport on-line course can be found at:


About Evaluation for Certification for Introduction to Competition

All coaches, to be certified in NCCP competition-stream contexts (e.g. Introduction to Competition) are required to successfully complete an evaluation process. Evaluation in Ready to Race Introduction to Competition has three parts:

(a) Successful completion of the Make Ethical Decisions (MED) online evaluation at the Coaching Association of Canada (CAC)


(b) Completion of a Portfolio of written work based on the content of the Ready to Race Introduction to Competition learning workshops, which is then reviewed by an Evaluator.

(c) Completion of a final evaluation. This may be done at a competition, or by completing an online evaluation developed by Cycling Canada.
Process for Online Evaluation

The following is the process to register:

  1. The coach applies for evaluation by emailing
  2. CC will verify the coach has met the requirements and will send the coach a password to permit access to the evaluation web site.
  3. The coach will send CC his/her electronic or hard copy portfolio and CC will appoint an approved Evaluator and provide his/her contact information to the coach. The Evaluator may either rate the Portfolio complete and return it with comments (successful result) or rate it incomplete and return it for revisions. In this case the coach has 30 days to make the changes and have the Evaluator rate the Portfolio “complete”.
  4. When the Portfolio work is rated “complete” by the Evaluator, and when the coach has achieved a successful MED result, he/she may proceed to final online evaluation. In the final online evaluation, the coach completes a skills analysis exam and a coach behavior 2 exam. Both involve the coach viewing video or pictures and answering a series of multiplechoice questions.
  5. If the coach scores less than 60% on the online exam, he/she will be informed of an unsuccessful result by the Evaluator, who will recommend specific areas for improvement (action plan). The coach will be required to re-register and attempt evaluation again. If the coach successfully completes the online evaluation with score between 60% and 75%, the Evaluator will hold a debriefing with the coach and develop an action plan. The debriefing may be done by conference call or using a to-be-developed online debriefing survey. If the coach scores over 75% the Evaluator simply gives the coach a memo of successful completion.
  6. Cycling Canada will submit all the necessary information to CAC to update the coach’s Locker account.
  7. Upon certification, all Ready to Race! Introduction to Competition coaches have five years to complete prescribed professional development tasks and activities to maintain certification.

What is the Fee?

The evaluation fee is $150 for each evaluation. This covers the work of the Evaluator in assessing the Portfolio and in conducting the online evaluation and debriefing, as well as administrative costs. (Note: The SCA will cover the cost of the fee for Sask Cycling members.)
Once the application is received, it generally takes Cycling Canada about 1 week to assign an evaluator.  Evaluators are expected to complete Portfolio assessment and provide comments on a template document within 1 month of receiving it from the coach. Once the online evaluations have been successfully completed, coaches can expect to see their Locker accounts updated within two business days.