2016 Season News

April 15, 2016 – A new season brings a new look.  We’re working to increase communication with our membership, and want our website to be easy to navigate and full of useful information.  Let us know what you think.

Notice of Special General Meeting

The Saskatchewan Cycling Association is calling a special general meeting on May 1, 2016 at 5:30pm. This will be a video conference between Saskatoon (510 Cynthia St) and Regina (1870 Lorne St). This meeting will be open to all current members of the SCA. If you need to purchase a membership please visit our page at http://saskcycling.ca/wp/membership/.

The purpose of this meeting is to vote on two motions that are being put forward.

Motion 1: Be it resolved to repeal Article 29 of the Saskatchewan Cycling Association current bylaws, which state: MODIFICATION OF BY-LAW The Corporation may amend, repeal, or adopt new by-laws by a simple majority of vote of the members present at a Special General Meeting called for that purpose or at the Annual General Meeting.

Motion 2: Be it resolved to adopt into the current bylaws as a substitute to article 29: Bylaws are not required by law but are desirable to provide rules under which a corporation may operate. Bylaws are used to supplement the Articles of Incorporation and must not contradict the Act or the Articles of the corporation. In summary, the rules relating to the adoption of bylaws are: 1. Except where the articles or bylaws of the corporation otherwise provide, the directors may, by resolution, make, amend or repeal any bylaws that regulate the activities or affairs of the corporation. 2. The bylaws, amendment or repeal are effective from the day of the resolution of the directors but the directors must submit the bylaws, amendment or repeal to the next meeting of members who may, by ordinary resolution, confirm, reject or amend the bylaws. 3. If not submitted to the members at their next meeting or if submitted and rejected by the members, the bylaws cease to be effective and any subsequent resolution of the directors to make, amend or repeal bylaws having subsequently the same purpose do not become effective until confirmed by the members.
If you wish to view a copy of our current bylaws in it’s entirety please see them posted on our website has http://saskcycling.ca/wp/policies/. This meeting will be open to proxy voting. If you wish to use proxy voting please fill out the proxy form listed in the policy and constitution manual found here.

Please contact Saskatchewan Cycling Association if you have any questions or concerns



Become an Official

We are looking for commissaires for the upcoming 2016 season.  If you are interested, please contact our office.  Sask Sport Officials Videos

BMX Commissaire Course-  April 23, Saskatoon.  Practicum on April 24

Road Commissaire- May 1, Saskatoon.  Practicum at Bikes on Broadway

Mountain Bike Commissaire- May 28, Regina.  Practicum at ORS Wascana Challenge



Saskatchewan Cycling Association

The Saskatchewan Cycling Association (SCA) is actively involved in road and mountain bike racing, BMX, randonneur cycling, recreation, transportation, off-road touring, trail access and safe cycling education programs. The SCA is a volunteer non-profit association that promotes bicycling for sport, recreation, and transportation.

Funded through Saskatchewan Lotteries, the SCA provides opportunities for individuals to experience all forms of cycling through its member clubs.

Join a cycling club and become a part of the SCA. We have a host of programs we can offer including: individual/family activities, fun, fitness, competitive programs, recreational programs, advocacy, education and safe cycling.