Preventing Bicycle Theft

WiseRiders know the value of their bicycles so they should always be careful to ensure they aren't stolen. Here are some tips to prevent theft:

1. Always lock your bicycle when you leave it unguarded.

2. Buy the best locking system you can afford - it's cheaper than buying a new bicycle.

3. Choose a locking system that cannot be easily cut, such as a U-shaped lock or a heavy-duty lock with a strong wire cable.

4. Always secure the bicycle's frame and both wheels to a stationary object, such as a bicycle rack. Remember: if you only lock the front wheel the rest of the bicycle can still be stolen or if you lock just your frame you may find yourself walking home a unicycle!

5. Write down the serial number of your bicycle. This may help to recover it if it is stolen.

6. Take a photo of your bicycle. Again, this may help to recover it if it is stolen.

7. Purchase a bicycle license from the City of Regina. It won't stop your bike from being stolen, but if the police find it, they can trace you through the license number and you may get your bike back.

8. Even if you store your bike in your garage, lock it to something solid. Someone may break into your garage and steal it.