Hello friends,

I trust all is well in the wonderful world of Saskatchewan, how could it not be? It’s cyclo-cross season! Let me start by informing you all how dearly I miss the Sask cross-scene, it rules. I am in Victoria, still; I moved here in February and will be continuing to live here, where I work, train and go for occasional swims in the ocean.

Let me brief you on the last month or so, for that’s as far back as I am prepared to extend my memory… I took in the BC cups, and raced BC super week, where I had an exciting result at the Tour de White Rock crit ( I got 2nd) and a top 10 in the Delta road race. Super week was in July, and from there I found myself mainly training through August, enjoying some riding on the island, and then racing the Granfondo, Vancouver to Whistler, on September 11th. That race was a challenging ride, and it was a very beautiful ride; it was 122km, with lots of climbing. The event had a good turnout (in the hundreds).  All the riders and racers had an early start on race day, and at the start line, we were sung “oh Canada” by an opera singer, through an intercom system, at 6:50am in downtown Vancouver… we may have woken a few hotel guests up along that street. I wasn’t the only prairie rider in the race; it was great seeing Christian Jenson out for the race; good riding, Mr. Jenson!

With the road season done, I am very excited for cyclo-cross.  There is a good cross scene on the island, and I have been getting out to some weekly cross training rides/races. I plan to race the Island race series, called “Cross on the Rocks”. Last weekend I took in one of the island races in Comox, and the next one is in Nanaimo; I’m planning on wearing my Team Sask skin suit for that one… Go Prairies! Yaaa!

All in all, I’m happy with my racing season, I saw improvements, and enjoyed the races I did;  thanks Sask Cycling for your support this year, and for getting athletes, including myself, out to the amazing races in Banff, and in Edmonton for Road Nationals. As for next season, I plan to continue to improve by focusing the next few months around maintaining the gains from this year, and starting to get some strength built up for next year.  I also plan to get me a pumpkin and give it a nice spooky face for Halloween…and eat some pumpkin pie.

I hope I get to see you wonderful Saskatchewan dwellers soon; until then, keep your bikes happy, and they’ll keep you happy.

From Andrea Bunnin

Cross on the Rocks, Comox. Getting some cheers!

Leaping! Comox race.

Racing to the finish at White Rock crit, during Super Week.

Tour of Whiterock Criterium Podium: 2nd place,

 accompanied by Joëlle Numainville, 1st (Canadian National Road Champion) and Leah Kirchmann, 3rd (Canadian National U23 Champion and Criterium National Champion)