Moose Mountain Provincial Park

Background: Moose Mountain Provincial park is located on the eastern fringe of the province and apart from the festival atmosphere of Kenosee Lake. The area offers riding through poplar and birch forests, over rolling brush covered topography and alongside small lakes. The park houses a blue heron rookery, one of a handful in the province. Most of the trails are applicable to hikers, cyclists and horseback riders. Trails are well marked and offer "Level of Difficulty" classifications. There are different locations within the park where trails begin and end; each of which is clearly marked.

Difficulty: Beginner to Intermediate - The area offers very straight forward riding through the forest. There are no sections that are particularly technical, howerver, cattle and horses that share the trails create hoof prints and small holes that riders shoul look for. Remember to yield to cattle and horses plus be on the lookout for hidden tree roots and branches that can puncture tires.

Directions: Moose Mountain is located 58 kilometers south of Whitewod via Highway 9. Trails run through the park so make sure to ask the staff for maps.

What to Bring: Moose Mountain Provincial Park is a very popular camping area in the summer and offers several small lakefront grocery stores, restaurants, a resort and many recreational sites. The area is excellent for mountain biking and camping weekends, so bring all the necessities.

On the trails, flat tires can occur as riders encounter hidden tree roots or fallen branches, so remember your tire repair kit and the rest of your tools. There are a several water fountains throughout the park, so you can keep your water bottle full. If you are planning a day-long ride, pack a lunch for a break in the woods. Please do not litter!

If the weather has been especially rainy, mosquitoes can drive you crazy, so remember to bring a small canister of insect repellent. If you are planning only a day trip, a change of clothes is also a good idea should you also want to take in some of the local attractions.