Food for Performance

It is important to consider the food you eat prior to and during a ride. Proper diet helps you perform stronger, recover faster and prevents cramping. Foods high in carbohydrates are an excellent pre-ride food item. Pastas and breads such as bagels or raisin bread are good examples of foods with "staying power".

Bike and health food stores offer many varieties of energy bars and drinks that are convenient for consuming on the trail. Fruits, trail mix and vegetables digest well and provide an excellent source of energy.

These foods should not only be consumed during the morning of a ride, but also on the trail. It is important to stay clear of heavy, greasy foods prior to a ride as these foods almost always induces cramping and fatigue.

Always make sure you have enough water prior to and during a ride since many cyclists underestimate the importance of a sufficient water supply. Most bikes offer two outlets for water bottles. Drink plenty of water while riding to avoid dehydration, which is a very serious condition in the back country.