The Environment & You

Whenever an individual or group embarks on a bike ride through the back country, they are not only concerned about themselves, but also the environment. Although mountain bikes may well reap less havoc on the environment than motorcycles, they do leave a small trace on the land. It is critical for riders to minimize their impact on their surroundings while riding. Remember, all mountain bike riders are ambassadors of the activity, and should reflect a sincere appreciation for the rules of the trail.

The International Mountain Bike Association (IMBA) promotes responsibility among off-road cyclists to insure that mountain bike riding does not create problems for the environment or other trail users. Concerns range from the damage caused by wet trail riding to the impact on animal habitats. Wet trail riding increases the rate of trail erosion, while startling the animals creates more difficulties than you know. If we create undo stress on animal habitat, we risk placing breeding grounds and migration routes in serious jeopardy. When riding, always reflect on IMBA's six easy-to-remember Rules of the Trail:

    1. Ride open trails only.
    2. Leave no trace.
    3. Never spook animals.
    4. Plan ahead.
    5. Control your speed.
    6. Always yield trail.