Candle Lake

Background: Situated in thick boreal forest, Candle Lake Provincial Park offers gorgeous riding along towering pines, white spruce and poplar, and alongside crystal-clear natural beaches. The noticeable thing about this area is the abundance of sand. Candle Lake is well known for its natural sand dunes and beaches. Most of the off-road riding follows the Nordic ski trail system, although the more adventuresome will discover a whole host of potentially challenging rides on the many fireroads throughout the park. The Nordic ski areas are very well marked and provide "Level of Difficulty" classifications. Candle Lake offers full services and accommodation, and is a popular holiday destination.

Difficulty: Beginner to Advanced - The trails range in difficulty from the not-so-tough to the more technical. Some of the sharp rock out-cropping on the hiking trails can be quite hard to manoeuvre around and some of the climbing sections are equally tricky. The single and double track that meanders through the forest is straight forward, but riders should watch for exposed tree roots and sandy patches. Be sure to refer to the trail maps and always pay attention to "Level of Difficulty" classifications.

Directions: Candle Lake Provincial Park is located 64 kilometres northeast of the city of Prince Albert via Highway 55 and Highway 120.

What to Bring: Pack your swimsuit because Candle Lake offers some of the most breathtaking natural beaches in North America. What could be more refreshing after a hard day of riding than relaxing on a naturally formed sandy beach? Remember to bring sun block and insect repellent. There are numerous water taps throughout the park to keep your bottles full. The area also offers deluxe camping facilities, accommodation and full services.