Anglin Lake Recreation Site

Background: Situated on the periphery of Prince Albert National Park, the Anglin Lake area offers majestic riding through boreal forest and alongside streams and lakes. Mountain biking has become very popular in this area and bikes are even available for rent in the Jacobsen Bay region of the park. The trails are primarily double track with single track connectors, and are well marked with "Level of Difficulty" classifications. There are several steeper sections and gradual climbing on hard-packed grassland. Pay close attention to exposed roots in some of the forested sections. Riders can also link onto the Spruce River Highlands trail in Prince Albert National Park. One of the many unique aspects of the park is that it has the highest number of nesting loons anywhere in North America, so bring your binoculars.

Difficulty: Beginner to Advanced - There is nothing too difficult about the trails at Anglin Lake Provincial Park. All trails are mapped and offer "Level of Difficulty" classifications. This means that riders can plan their rides according to ability and choose alternate routes. Riders should be weary of the steeper sections and be on the lookout for exposed roots, especially on single track through the trees.

Directions: Anglin Lake Provincial Park is located 60 kilometres north and 5 kilometres west of the city of Prince Albert via Highway 2. The area is well marked from the highway. The trailhead itself begins in the Jacobsen Bay area of the park

What to Bring: If the weather has been wet, be sure to bring mosquito and black fly repellent. Your standard repair kit is also essential. The park offers full services and accommodation, and has excellent camping facilities. Water is available throughout the park if you run out during your ride.


Update from a cyclist on February 7, 2005:

I think you need to modify your item under the Ride Guide for the Anglin Lake Recreation Site. This is misleading when it implies that you can ride the Spruce River Highlands Trail in Prince Albert National Park. Bicycles are expressly forbidden at the Park Entrance to this trail on Highway 263. There is no indication of this prohibition at the junction between the Highlands trail and Anglin trails. I do not know if the feeder is marked at the Park Boundry or not. I would also advise that a Park user fee is applicable for anyone entering the Park. There are a number of steep hills and gullies on this trail where the soil is sandy, with little natural plant growth, and any but the most conscientious cyclists are going to do damage leading to severe erosion problems.