Lac La Ronge Provincial Park

Background: At 334,470 hectares, Lac La Ronge Provincial Park is the province's largest provincial park and offers cyclists the opportunity to experience Saskatchewan's breathtaking north. The area is underlain by the Precambrian Shield over which forests of aspen, birch, spruce and jack pine tower high into the sky. Trails meander through the forest and escape out onto rock out-croppings, over crystal-clear streams, and alongside trout-filled lakes. There are deer, moose, elk, black bears, wolf, beaver, owls, ravens and even some bald headed eagles.

The two premiere mountain bike trails in the area are located at the Don Allen Nordic Ski Area (sometimes called the Nemeiben Trail Area) and at the Nut Point Hiking and Biking Area. The Don Allen Trails offer two 5 kilometre loops that take riders on breathtaking adventures over rock out-croppings, through boreal forest and muskeg, and alongside streams and lakes. All cyclists, from novice to expert, will appreciate the beauty and diversity of the area.

The other popular mountain bike ride is located in the Nut Point Hiking Area. The Nut Point Hiking Trail is a one-way trail extending for 15 kilometres before emerging as a peninsula into Lac La Ronge. The trail is a technical challenge, skirting through dense forests of black spruce, jack pine, aspen and balsam fir, over thick muskeg, and through fields of Canada blueberry. Look for hazelnuts in the undergrowth of aspen-covered areas. Nut Point also offers steep climbing and descending on rock ridges and breathtaking riding alongside crystal-clear streams and lakes. If you want to cover the entire trail, it is best to stay overnight at the end of the point and come back the next day. The area offers some of the best biking and camping getaways in the province.

There is also a trail to sand cliffs on a river bank south of LaRonge, but the trail is not appropriate for cycling. A short utility road leads to the first part of the cliffs and there is a walking trail to the other cliffs. The thickness of the bushes and fallen trees makes it only suitable for hiking.

Difficulty: Beginner to Advanced - Some of the riding in the La Ronge area is quite challenging and difficult. The area is so incredibly beautiful, however, that the experience of riding through the region is fulfilling, even if you have to get off the bike a few times. Sections that should be of concern are the many steep climbs and descents on sharp rock out-croppings. The La Ronge area offers trails of every level of difficulty. If one trail seems particularly difficult, try an alternate route. Even though many trails are marked, carry an area map.

Directions: Lac La Ronge Provincial Park surrounds the Town of La Ronge and is located north of the City of Prince Albert via Highway 2 (the Can/Am Highway). Take the main business street in La Ronge north to the entrance of La Ronge Provincial Park. The Park contains signs to Nut Point Trail and there is a large sign that identifies the entry point (about 3 km from the town centre).

What to Bring: While La Ronge provides all services you should remember to bring foo and fluids for every ride. During the summer it is a good idea to wear insect repellant and carry a bear bell to alert animals in the area to your presence.