Duck Mountain Provincial Park

Background: Situated in the prairie highlands along the Saskatchewan-Manitoba border, Duck Mountain Provincial Park offers a wide variety of trail riding through dense parkland forest, alongside streams and lakes, and over prairie grasslands. Duck Mountain offers straight forward riding and is an excellent area to learn new riding skills, or improve old ones. There are numerous trail networks, all of which are well marked and provide "Level of Difficulty" classifications. Batka Lake Trail Head is a good place to begin your ride and provides access to 15 km of newly designed mountain bike trails. The area offers excellent opportunities to practice riding techniques, especially climbing, minus the technical demands. Duck Mountain Provincial Park surrounds Madge Lake and offers full services. The area is ideal for camping and cycling getaways

Difficulty: Beginner to Advanced - Duck Mountain Provincial Park offers straight forward riding through highland forest and around lakes and streams. Riders will discover that Duck Mountain is very diverse and offers trails suitable for novice to expert cyclists. The climbing sections, Fire Tower Hill, for example, are challenging and drawn out, but aren't too technical. The area is vast, and new trails have been developed, so ask park attendants for an updated map.

Directions: Duck Mountain Provincial Park is located 25 kilometers northeast of Kamsack via Highway 5 and Highway 57.

What to Bring: The park offers full services including trail shelters, deluxe accommodation, electrical campsites, groceries and gasoline. The Town of Kamsack is only 25 kilometres away and provides full services and accommodation. There are numerous water taps and fountains throughout the park. If it has been particularly wet be sure to bring mosquito repellent. The area offers excellent camping and biking trips, so plan to make a weekend at Duck Mountain.