Background: The City of Regina has had a multi-use recreational pathway system in place for many years. On-street bicycle routes are now being implemented to provide a bikeway system that serves both recreational and commuter cycling. This system is not mountain bike trails, but is intended for cyclists, walkers, runners, skateboarders, roller skaters and skiers. The city has developed a brochure on the pathway system, which contains an excellent map of the system, that is available by contacting City Central at 777-7000. The city is also noted for the Devonian Pathway, which winds its way through picturesque Wascana Park, and offers an easy day on the bike. The Devonian is asphalt pathway designed for pedestrians and cyclists only, so you can enjoy your ride worry-free of vehicles. MAP

Douglas Park is becoming a popular area for city cyclists. Every Wednesday evening during the summer, a local club uses the course for racing and invites all newcomers to join.

Difficulty: Beginner - The Devonian Pathway is completely paved and provides riders with a relaxing ride. There are no technical sections but riders should always be alert to on-coming traffic and pedestrians.

Douglas Park contains a short trail and it's not too challenging, but it is a great place to train because the hills are short and fairly steep. In fact, if you are there long enough you can have a fairly good workout. The area isn't very technical, the descents are very fast, and there is a killer jump at the bottom of one of the fastest descents.

Directions: When you are on the Devonian Pathway, the trail signposts keep you informed where you are. The system basically runs southeast to northwest encompassing Wascana Park, the Wascana Creek system and the Douglas Park Hill. You can enter or exit at scores of locations.

Douglas Park Track is in the southeast area of the city.

What to Bring: If you run out of anything or require food it is easy to get off the path to a nearby store or water fountain to stock up on items.