Saskatoon is a veritable mecca for the cyclo-tourist. You are bound to enjoy the cycling in the "city of Bridges". The city gets its nick-name from the seven bridges that span the South Saskatchewan River. The city offers tree lined streets and many sites of historic and cultural interest as well as a system of multi-use riverbank trails. The riverbank trails are known as the Meewasin Trail System and are designed to be shared with pedestrians so ride with caution. Before you begin the tour, please obtain a map of the city from the Chamber of Commerce or City Hall.

West Side - Whiteswan Drive

Both rides will start at the Kiwanis Park adjacent to the Bessborough Hotel along Spadina Crescent East. The park is a favourite with city residents as well as visitors. It is host to many events in the summer. Also next to the park are several historical churches, the former Land Titles Building and the hustle and bustle of downtown Saskatoon. The Meewasin Trail also runs through the park. Follow Spadina Crescent East until you reach the Mendel Art Gallery. Stop in for a tour of the gallery and beautiful conservatory. Along the way you will pass by the Ukrainian Museum of Canada located at 910 Spadina Crescent East and the Kinsmen Park with its miniature railway, carousel and adventure playground - both are well worth a visit. When you leave the Mendel Art Gallery, continue out along Spadina Crescent East past the huge weir on the South Saskatchewan River - the waters adjacent to the weir are great favourites of the local pelican population during the summer months. Further out Spadina Crescent becomes Whiteswan Drive. Eventually you will arrive at a large park at the river's edge - a bit further on and you come to the end of the road - to return, simply retrace your route out.

East Side - Forestry Farm Park

Starting at Kiwanis Park follow Spadina Crescent East along the river. As you approach the 25th Street Bridge, don't take the route under the bridge - keep going straight to get on top of the bridge and cross the river. You have the option of either walking your bike across on the sidewalk, or riding across on the road. There is a "y" intersection at the top of the bridge, bear left and follow College Drive. The University of Saskatchewan is on your left. Turn left at Wiggins Avenue and go for a tour of the campus. Turn left again and follow campus drive.

The University of Saskatchewan campus, which is adjacent to the river, is spread around quite drives which can be used to tour the University's spacious grounds. There are several areas of interest on the campus. One being the right Hon. J. G. Diefenbaker Centre. On the grounds also, is Saskatoon's first school house. Apart from the Little Stone School House, the various colleges on campus have their own individual attractions. Exit on Preston Avenue from Campus Drive and turn left. Follow Preston A venue north until you reach 115th Street. Turn right and continue until forest drive is reached. Turn left and follow it through the park gates. The Forestry Farm Park, the city's zoo, is home to over 300 animals.

Pike Lake (76km return)

Leave Saskatoon on 11th Street W. And take Hwy 7 towards Rosetown. After 6km, turn left and proceed south on Hwy 60 to Pike Lake. Hwy 60, although paved, is narrow and well travelled, especially on weekends. The journey takes approximately 2 hours one way. The park at the end of the ride has fine beaches, nature trails, water park with slide, and camping.

Blackstrap (96 km return)

Blackstrap Recreation site is located 48km south of Saskatoon and has many activities to offer the visitor. Follow Hwy 11 south for 40km to Dundurn, turn left on the paved road which winds its way for 8km into the park. There is camping, swimming, boati ng, windsurfing, walks, and a 150 man made mountain to enjoy.

Cranberry Flats (26 km return)

Cranberry Flat is a favourite for Saskatonians of all ages with its pleasant trails and proximity to the South Saskatchewan River. To visit this site, go south on Lorne Ave (Hwy 219 S), until you reach the turn off for Riverside Estates. Here turn right and follow to the first left hand turn. Turn and continue on the gravel road for approximately 4km where you will find a parking lot to your right. Park your bike and walk down to the mudflats and sandbars of Cranberry Flats.