Good Spirit Lake

Good Spirit Lake Provincial Park is a 5000 acre haven with over 1500 campsites to cater to the visitor wishing to enjoy this part of the country. Within the park, the visitor can participate in a host of activities, most of which are centred around the shallow lake and extensive sandy beaches. For those of you who enjoy nature or walking, there are several nature trails of interest and beauty. The park is well known for its sandy dunes which provide a unique environment for plants and animals. Using the park as a home base, the cyclist can embark on a number of tours to points of interest in the surrounding area.

The Yorkton Trail Bicycle Tour (82 km return)

This two day bike tour starts and finishes at Good Spirit. On the first day we start out from the park on Hwy. 229 in a westerly direction. Turn south at the intersection with Hwy. 47. The pleasant countryside is mostly composed of trees and thickets. Hwy. 47 is also paved, but there are no shoulders to speak of.

Our first stop is Springside, about 15 km. from the park. A picnic area is located in the north-west corner of the town, or stop for a snack in one of the town's excellent cafes. Turn east on Hwy. 16 just outside of Springside - it's a 26 km. ride into Yorkton from here and the road is paved with good shoulders. Just before you arrive stop for a tour of the Yorkton branch of the Western Development Museum which is located on the north side of the highway.

There are several points of interest in Yorkton. The Godfrey Dean Cultural Centre is near downtown and features art displays as well as hosting the annual Yorkton Short Film and Video Festival. Don't miss St. Mary's Ukrainian Catholic Church at 155 Catherine Street. Inside there is a magnificent dome with a 62 foot curvature displaying fantastic Christian motifs. he ethnic flavour is strong in Yorkton - fine restaurants offer fantastic meals of all descriptions.

There are two choices open for return routes; you can either go back to the park the way you came, or you can go straight north on Hwy. 9 until it reaches Hwy. 229 where you will turn west and head back to the park.

Food Run to Canora (64 km. return)

Like the previous tour, it starts and finishes in the park. Take Hwy. 229 east until you reach the intersection with Hwy. 9. Turn north until and head for the town of Canora, approximately 16 km. away. Hwy. 16 is paved with a good shoulder and the countryside is reasonably flat. The first point of interest on this tour is the White Sand River which has a very pleasant picnic area. From the river it's a few kilometres into Canora and the first thing you notice is the Ukrainian Lesia welcoming statue - proffering the traditional welcoming gift of bread and salt. Canora is home to some very good bakeries - in addition to taste tempting ethnic delights, try a few fresh baked doughnuts - you deserve them after the ride! The towns restaurants also offer excellent ethnic cuisine.

In Canora, the Holy Trinity Ukrainian Orthodox church on the corner of Main Street and 8th Avenue is an architecturally significant historic building and it also serves as the town's museum. If you decide to spend the night in Canora, there is a campground just north of the rail tracks on Hwy. 9. If you decide to head back to Good Spirit Lake, simply retrace your route.