Greenwater Lake

This tour takes you through Greenwater Lake Provincial Park. Spruce and aspen covered hills surround two beautiful lakes; Greenwater and Marean, whose waters teem with pickerel and northern pike as well as hours of sun soaked shoreline fun. Within the p ark one is bombarded with the wide number of activities to choose from. You may enjoy renting a canoe, motor or paddle boat, taking a hike along a scenic nature trail, playing a few sets of tennis, or a quick round of golf on the golf course. There are also horseshoe pits, horses to fit the shoes at the riding stables, a picnic/playground area, recreation hall, grocery store, fast food service, service station, and a park summer program that doesn't stop. There are campsites, rental cabins, and deluxe winterized log cabins. There are also picnic grounds, a grocery store and fast food service in the park - trust us there is lots to do in Greenwater.

Birch Beach Bike Bash (7km)

For a short fun ride pack up your friends, your swimsuits, and a picnic lunch and head out on the road that leads to the golf course and riding stables. The final destination is the Birch Beach Campground on Marean Lake, 7km west of Greenwater. The 3.5k m of road up to the golf course is paved, narrow and rough in places. The scenery along the road is beautiful, tall trees creating a tunnel effect as you wind and curve along the route. There are several large hills to offer you a challenge. The one major hill is just past the golf course. It has a 5% slope and due to the gravel, slope, and line of sight, it might be wise to walk your bike down it. At the foot of this hill are the riding stables, stop in and go for a horseback ride to experience a naturally wild area around the park. Continue on the gravel road for another 3km, curving and winding until it opens on a small picnic/camping area. There you can go for a quick dip, light the fire pits, and have a barbeque.

Porcupine Plain Tour (52km return)

North along Hwy 38 and west along Hwy 23, 26 km from Greenwater Lake is the town of Porcupine Plain. Hwy 38 is narrow, paved and patchy with rough unmarked shoulders about 1m wide. The road winds slowly through forest rising to plateaus, falling, and rising again. While in the park there is one hill that is very steep with an 11% grade, the others are about 3-5% grade. Once outside the park the terrain becomes somewhat flatter with more open space and fields lining the road. 3km from Greenwater Lake is a cairn marking the site of the original Greenwater Ranger Station established in 1914.

The town of Chelan, at the junction of Hwy 38 and Hwy 23, is 13km from the cairn. Hwy 23 is wider and smoother with shoulders that are wide and smooth but unmarked. The road travels over flat fields dotted with trees on its 10km into Porcupine Plain. As you ride into town there is a map on your right and next to it is a cairn marking the sight of the town's first school built in 1935. The Porcupine District Museum located at Elm Street W and Windsor Ave. Has traveling displays of Canadian artists and in its yard a log cabin, a school house and a church. Camping is available at Lions Park, located behind the community theatre at Hope Ave. And Ash Street. The town also offers retail stores, grocery stores, a laundromat and restaurants. The return to the park is the same trip back.

Art Naturally and Kelvington

Are you interested in art, photography, framing, oils, watercolours, pottery, stained glass or the art of gardening? You can add some colour to your green thumb or enhance your artistic appreciation by taking an interesting tour along the Elkridge Road. Take Hwy 38 south from Greenwater Lake. The highway is narrow, with less than a metre wide shoulder that is quite rough. 2km along Hwy 38 brings you to the Elkridge turnoff to your left. It is a narrow gravel road that curves and climbs upward into the hills. It is only lightly graveled, more of a dirt road and is easy biking when dry but should be checked out before hand when wet.

After traveling 1.5km there is a turn off for the Parkview Growers just atop the hill, as well as Crawford's Studio and Elkridge Greenhouses further down the route. The road leading to the latter destinations is enveloped in thick bush with blind hills that dip sharply, giving a roller coaster effect.

To return to the park simply retrace your steps, or if you wish a longer tour turn south at the Parkview Growers sign and follow the dirt road to Hwy 38 and go south for 35km to Kelvington. The road is not in very good condition and the metre wide unmark ed shoulder is very rough in places.

There is a picnic/camping area at Lion Park in Kelvington but one must go to the golf course to get water. Within the town you can cool off at the swimming pool located at Forth Avenue South and Road Allowance, or roll away the day at the arena, trying your hand (or feet) at roller skating. Take the same route back to Greenwater.