Saskatchewan Landing Park/Swift Current

Welcome to Saskatchewan Landing Provincial Park - one of the three provincial parks that have been developed along Lake Diefenbaker. The center of this 14,000 acre park is located at the west end of the lake, in a steeply sloped and wooded valley, that serves as a major river crossing.

The open valley provides you with camping as well as group camping facilities. To the east of Hwy. 4, which runs through the park and crosses the river valley, you will find the boat launch, beach and change houses, picnic area and campground along with park store. Upon crossing to the south of the park, you may take a refreshing trek along the Stonehouse trail, which winds though the coulees to the south of its starting point, the Goodwin Stone House, and interesting historical monument. While touring the south-west area of the park, be sure to journey into Saskatchewan's past by visiting the Indian Teepee Village. After you've become waterlogged and sun soaked from life along a sandy beach, stir your curiosity a bit and check out life outside the valley walls.

Speedy Creek Cruise (100 km. Return)

Speedy Creek, alias the growing city of Swift Current, is 50 km. South of Saskatchewan Landing, and offers many interesting touring opportunities. Leaving the valley on Hwy. 4, you climb slowly up the valley's slope, but the terrain thereafter is very op en, with gently rolling field lining the road and a few trees to denote a farm yard. As you enter Swift Current, follow the Tourist Information signs ?', posted along the highway, until it brings you to the A-frame tourist booth. There you can pick up a map of the city and ask any questions necessary.

Continue on Hwy. 4, and if you want, you can stop for a round of golf on the 18 hole course, or if you are a country person at heart, you may pedal onward to the Agriculture Canada Research Station. From here you can retrace your path back to Swift Current, traveling along South Railway Street East until the intersection with 11th Avenue. Take a bit of time to discover Riverside Park and relax beside the Swift Current Creek, have a picnic, take a lap around the track, toss a football around, or practice your backhand on the tennis courts.

Crossing over the railway via the 2nd. Ave. overpass, bring you to the heart of the city, where you may spend less time shopping dining, and sight seeing. The Library and Art Gallery are especially interesting. Looking into Swift Current's fascinating history by visiting the museum at 105 Chaplin Street and 1st. Ave. N.E. You may take a leisurely stroll through Memorial Park, or take a dip in the 2nd. Ave. Swimming Pool, both also found along Herbert Street. Two blocks to the north, on Lorne St. and 1 st. Ave. N.E., the stately white pillars of the court house may be viewed. Along Central Ave. And just past Dufferin St. is an historic monument which denotes the start of the 180 mile long Battleford Trail. Camping facilities may be found on both the east and west sides of the city.

The Flora and Fauna (60 km return)

The Prairie Wildlife Centre is 30 km. West of Swift Current on the Trans Canada Highway. The Interpretive Centre is signed and offers various displays, films, live animals and hiking trails of five minutes or two hours in length. It is off the highway o n an access road which is narrow and paved for most of the way, and medium to heavy gravel for the remainder.

You can have a picnic at the Centre, or stop on your return to Swift Current, at the picnic area across from the turnoff to the town of Beverley. The terrain is open with no trees and is a consistency of medium long sloping hills of a somewhat challenging steepness.