Rowan's Ravine

The park is situated on the east shore of Last Mountain Lake, almost straight west of Bulyea, along Hwy 220. The lake is apart of the Qu'Appelle valley basin and is called Long Lake by some. The park has over 300 campsites, barbeques, picnic areas and m any other amenities. The main attraction is the beach and lake where one can enjoy a host of activities related to the water. The beach is supervised with life gauds. For those interested in bird watching, North America's oldest bird sanctuary is close by. To reach it go via Simpson (Hwy 2) and the sanctuary is about 30km away along a well maintained gravel road.

The Strasbourg Run (72km return)

Leave the park on Hwy 200. The town of Bulyea is 23km into the ride and is situated at the junction with Hwy 20. Here you turn north towards Strasbourg which is 13km away. The road is paved and smooth with wide shoulders which are paved for the most pa rt. The terrain is level with farms and small groups of trees.

Strasbourg is a pleasant town with all the amenities the cyclist needs. There are numerous restaurants, a campground in Pioneer Park, a museum with a tourist information centre. The museum which displays Indian and pioneer artifacts, as well as a colle tion of stuffed animals, is located on Mountain Street in the old rail station. As Strasbourg was the destination, the tour must be retraced to return back to the park.

The Valley Run (100km return)

As in the other tour, leave the park on Hwy 220 except this time when you reach the junction with Hwy 322 turn south. Once on Hwy 322 there is a 24km ride to the first stop, Silton. For the most part the terrain is on gently rolling hills but there are several steep hills - take lots of water and don't be afraid to stop for a rest.

About 10km from the junction of Hwy 220 and Hwy 322 there is an old church by the side of the road. Further south is Silton which has some stores where you can get refreshments, it also has a unique playground with a large wooden elephant as a playhouse. One kilometre out of Silton is Saskatchewan Beach, a well maintained Regional Park.

Leaving Silton and journeying southward for another 5 km we arrive at the junctions of Hwy 322 and Hwy 20. If you turn right here you will be at the sight of Last Mountain House - an early commercial establishment that has had many of the early buildings recreated. Descent into the valley along Hwy 20 - a good road with wide paved shoulders which are marked. On the valley floor is the town of Craven, from here you can take two routes to reach the park, either retrace your old route or continue on Hwy 20 until you reach Bulyea. At Bulyea take Hwy 220 back to Rowans Ravine. The distance to the second route is 52km.