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Saskatoon – Langham - Dalmeny

The Saskatoon – Langham – Dalmeny route is another of the many routes that is utilized by Saskatoon’s Horizon 100 Bike Club.  The Horizon 100 Cycling Club has provided some first hand directions for the route below.

Route Directions:
This route is chosen when there is a northwest wind.  Highway 16 to Langham then east to Dalmeny for coffee at the local restaurant; on to Warman and back into Saskatoon by Highway 11 and Warman Road.  The road to Langham can seem to be very long.  It is straight and flat.  Go by the weigh scales then turn to Dalmeny before you get to Langham.  The Dalmeny Road is rough but quiet.  There are waving wheat fields and now a tailwind.  After having a break at the Dalmeny restaurant its back on the
road toward Warman.  There are a few trees for shelter.  The road takes you by Martensville and on to Warman.  There is an option to stop at the restaurant.  Take the service road to No. 11 Highway.  Ride on the shoulder.  The traffic is heavy.  Take Warman road back into the city and you have just ridden 100 km.

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