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Wascana Trails

Located just outside Regina; Wascana Trails is the main mountain bike destination in the Regina area.The current trail system has evolved from early mountain bike, hiking and dirt bike trails that previously inhabited this Provincial Recreation site.The site is now closed to motorized traffic.The extensive trail system has provided a venue for the 2005 Canada Summer Games and provincial MTB competitions for over 15 years.

The trail system boasts a multitude of different trails for all abilities ranging from beginner to advanced.Many of the trails run in and out of the valley, which provide many sharp twisty descents and steep climbs for the more advanced rider.Some trails are located in the bottom of the valley as well providing some rolling and flat terrain for less experienced riders.

Wascana Trails is divided into east and west areas by Wascana Creek.The only way to access the west part is by the main bridge, which is visible from the parking lot above.


Most trails are in good condition thanks to the diligence of the local MTB clubs and other mountain bike enthusiasts.Recently the clubs in partnership with Sask Environment were able to implement a trail map and signage system so almost all the trails are mapped out and marked.A trail building clinic was just hosted in May 2011 with the IMBA Canada Trail Care Crew creating a new trail.


A couple of the more popular trails are:

Discotech: a technical single-track trail on the west side that runs parallel on the side of the valley among a heavily treed area.

Toilet Bowl: a very steep and twisty descent just south of the main parking lot. A favourite among many of the local riders.

Chicken Little: hidden log drop off in the trees on the east side. (Itís the picture to the left of this.)


The best way to get to Wascana Trails is to turn at the Condie Nature Reserve exit (Exit A) off of Highway #11.Head west on 734, when you encounter a large curve in the road heading north take the gravel road straight ahead.Follow the recreation site signs to the main parking lot.


There are restrooms located at the main parking lot but no other services are on site so make sure to bring enough supplies for your ride.


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