SCA Ride Guide: reporting on some of the best places to cycle in Saskatchewan.

Saskatoon – Pike Lake – Vanscoy Route

One of the many benefits of living in Saskatchewan is the plentiful highways and secondary roads that go in all directions.  Saskatoon is no exception as it is situated in the middle section of the province and possesses many great road-riding routes utilized by its very active cycling community. 

This particular route is one of the many routes frequented by local cyclists in the Horizon 100 Cycling Club.  The route is 100km long in its entirety; there is a halfway point marked with star.  Riding out and back from the halfway point will give you a 50km route.  Just before the halfway point riders will pass the famous Berry Barn that boasts orchards of Saskatoon berries, crafts and baking.  If you are continuing on, you will head south on highway 60 to Pike Lake Provincial Park and once arriving at the park you will backtrack to Valley Road/762.

The town of Vanscoy is located on the southwest corner of the route.  This is a popular spot for cyclists to grab a drink and snacks.  There no services after Vanscoy so it is a good idea to check your water reserves and food to make sure you are well stocked for your ride back into Saskatoon.  The restaurant in Vanscoy is the 50Km halfway point.


The Berry Barn                                                              The view from Valley Road

This route is mainly used when the wind is blowing from the South West to make the ride a bit more enjoyable.  That’s right folks, Saskatoon has so many great road routes that they can pick and choose depending on the direction of the wind the day they are going to ride!

This route is relatively easy to follow when outside of Saskatoon but could be a bit confusing for people unfamiliar with the route.  You can start whereever you like in the City of Saskatoon.  We have provided directions for the rural section of this route.  Using an online map program or contacting the Horizon 100 Club are recommend.  Here are the directions: