SCA Ride Guide: reporting on some of the best places to cycle in Saskatchewan.


Moose Jaw Highway 363

When people think of southern Saskatchewan they think of flat, straight roads as long as the eye can see. If you get off the main highways however you can find some real interesting terrain to do some road cycling. Moose Jaw is situated a short 45-minute drive west of Regina. If you take Highway 363, which runs southwest of Moose Jaw, you will find a low traffic road with an abundance of rolling hills.

You can start out in Moose Jaw, and use the first 10 km as a good warm up as it is mainly flat and straight. Once past the 10 km the terrain starts to change elevations. This is mainly and out and back type route so you can tailor the distance to your own needs. For those wishing to skip the first flat 10 km you can drive out to the base of the long hill (5km), on the first section running due south.  There is a municipal gravel stockpile adjacent to the road that allows one to park off the road and even have the vehicle virtually out of sight from traffic on the road. The most interesting section begins 10 km from Moose Jaw and runs for about 25 km.

Route Notes:

         No defined shoulder however low rural local traffic

         No services until Coderre, 80 km into the route so be prepared with water, food, tools, tubes pump and a cell phone.

         A couple of sections of road will give you that authentic European cobblestone experience but the majority of the route has well maintained asphalt.

         For more information or looking for someone to ride with contact the Moose Jaw Pavers Cycling Club