Luke Turanich


Age: 16

Home Town: Emerald Park

Team/ Club: RCC/ Western Cycle Development Team

Coach: Sean Kukura

Years Cycling: 2

Other Interests: Basketball and Track

Results and Achievements


Cat 5
-1st overall in Sask Cup point series
- 2nd Regina TT
8th Regina RR
- 7th Regina Crit
- 7th Regina Overall
- 3rd Tour de Bowness U17 RR
- 2nd Tour de Bowness U17 HC
- 1st U17 Provincial 40km TT
- 2nd U17 Provincial Criterium
- 2nd U17 Provincial 15km TT
- 2nd U17 Provincial RR

- 15th overall Spin off Spadina Triathlon sprint distance
- 1st overall Riding Mountain Duathlon sprint distance

- 14/15 age category: 2nd Spin off Spadina triathlon
9th Kelowna Apple Triathlon