Hello All, 

It seems like I have been racing for a full season already, but with two major races left in the season, the training is far from over. To make this training a little bit easier, I was given the chance to train in the Kelowna / Penticton area for the past week. The training was definitely easier out there but unfortunately I was laid low for couple days due to what I believe to be a bad Denny’s breakfast. I know… it’s hard to believe the highly qualified employees at Denny’s could do such a thing.

Anyways I got over it and was then on my way to a MTB race in Bragg Creek, AB. I was skeptical to whether or not I should race because of my Denny’s fiasco, but I decided that I was good to go. I felt quite weak during the warm-up and most of the race. However, I found out that how you feel doesn’t say a lot to how you’re going to race, and I ended up finishing on the podium in a fairly strong field. So in the end I was glad that I decided to race.

As for my coming schedule, I am once again heading out west on July 9, for Canada Cup #5 in Canmore, AB. I will then be coming home and promptly flying to the Island, for MTB Nationals in Mt. Washington, BC. My hopes for those races are a top 20 in the elite category and a top 10 in the U23/Espoir category, but I will just have to see what happens. After that I will be looking forward to some much needed R&R, before hitting up Sask MTB provincials. See you out there!

You Stay Classy,

I’m Andrew Thomas

-         July 14, Canada Cup #5, Canmore, AB

-         July 21, MTB Nationals, Mt. Washington, BC

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