Enumclaw Stage Race report



     The races took place in a little town just 40km from Seattle.  It was a beautiful couple of days to race and from talking to people who have raced here before it was one of the first times that it hadn't rained.  Local B.C. team, Team Devo helped me out while I was down there, so that I would have a place to warm up and such.   I raced Cat. 3 Women, but they also put us in with the Pro 1,2 Women.  There was a total of 45 women racing.


     The ITT was in the morning the first day, it was a fast flat course of about 10km that twisted through the country side.  I raced in the Cat. 3 women and I wasn't sure what to expect from the level of competition from the women here.  I rode the ITT hard, but really kind of felt my self fade in the last 2kms of the race.  I was happy how I felt with the ITT, I didn't feel as strong as I thought I should have.  The times for the time trail  weren't posted until that afternoon.  When I saw my time and placement I was pretty surprised and happy. I had place 2nd and my time was fairly good.  So I was sitting 2nd in the omnium going into the crit and that was a boost of confidence.


    The crit was at night the first day, we raced a little after seven o'clock at night which was kind of weird because by then you're tired and ready just to rest.  Again the course was really fast and flat and no wind, but it was also pretty technical with 8 corners in about 1.3km.  I was feeling great, was a able to stay in the front 6.  I even got into a short brake with a Pro 1,2 for a couple of laps before I died and waited to be eaten up by the main group.  Being on junior gears made it a bit tough to stay in the sprints, we hit 60km/hr in one of the sprints and all I can't do is spin like crazy and hang in there.  In the final sprint I placed in the top 10 between cat.3 and pro 1/2.  And just in cat.3 I won the crit.  Now I was in first place in the omnium.


     The road race was the next day and unlike the two races before this course very hilly.  We had to do the course 4 times to get our 60miles in and each lap there was a 3km climb and a KOM at the top.  The hill was long enough that someone couldn't start a sprint or attack early for the KOM and the last little crest of the hill was pretty tough that not many people had the energy to sprint for the KOM.  I stay with the front group with had about 15 rider left in it. On the last lap me and four other riders go drop on the 3km climb.  But we still finished the race with a strong sprint.  In cat.3 women I place 2nd in the road race and with the finish I still had first place in the omnium(GC).


    So all in all I had a great time and a couple days of hard racing and won some cash (which is always good).  I would do the race again next year if I get the chance.