Homeless in Little Rock

As many of you may know, we have been on the road for the last couple of weeks. This past weekend we were in Calgary for the GP Bici, and are now on our way to Russellville Arkansas for the Tri-Peaks Challenge, a five stage, NRC stage race.

The journey from Calgary has been quite eventful.

To start things off, Monday morning was an early one. Up at 5:30 to be on the road by 6am. The majority of the team was stationed at the Sparling Palace, well known for its hospitality and amazing meals. We were driving to Seattle where the flights had been booked for Tuesday morning. The drive was extremely long, but played a good role in our adventure down to Arkansas. Many coffees, South Park episodes, fuel-ups, naps, pee jugs, rest stops, and photo shoots later, we arrived at our hotel in Seattle late Monday night.

Recently our team has been relying on a new GPS navigational system in the van to direct us where we need to go. The female voice of the GPS has been nicknamed Gina. Gina usually keeps us on the right track, and is accurate at telling us what turns we should make. However, Gina, like most women, has been known for messing with our minds, and from time to time will take us for a loop, leaving us all wondering what she is trying to tell us. I would suggest staying away from all of those “Ginas” out there, and possibly resort to a male GPS.

Tuesday morning we headed to the Seattle Airport. Somehow Calvin and Trevor ended up missing the flight. This changed everything. Our plan was to rent the vehicles at the Little Rock airport and drive to Russellville that night upon arrival. Unfortunately, Calvin and Trevor are the only ones old enough to drive rental vehicles, so we ended up shuttling all of our stuff to a near by hotel to spend the night.

We had quite the experience at the Waffle House restaurant, and believe me, if you ever get the chance to go to a Waffle House, DO IT!

Wednesday morning we had to be out of our rooms by noon, so after we destroyed the conti-breakfast we hauled all of our stuff out to the parking lot, set up shop, and started building our bikes. Eventually Calvin and Trevor arrived from their early morning flight out of Seattle, so we loaded up the vans and drove to Russellville. We are spread out between two host houses; both places have extremely nice families looking after us for the weekend. Racing starts tomorrow (Thursday 17th) with a rolling ~100km road stage, followed by a 180km road stage on Friday. The race website is www.tri-peaks.org There may or may not be more race reports depending on how the racing goes.

That’s all for now, Dave