Hey everyone, it been a while since I have sent out a report on the racing in BC, so here goes.

The atomic BC cup road race was June 10th, where I managed to pull of a solid 9th place. The attacks came all day as the team road strong covering gaps and staying on the front. After the last few races, I have definitely noticed the level of racing in BC has stepped up to a new level. There are 10 or so teams now attending all the races and a team can have anywhere from 5 to 13 riders. There are vans and trailers and tents and expensive bikes and managers and circus clowns, well maybe not circus clowns but there is definitely a ton of money and interest in the sport which will only make the level of racing go up.

Next, Team Sask sent a number of riders to a smaller race in Devil's Tower Wyoming, for the High Plains Classic. The race was in its second year running and is slowly gaining more riders. All in all, the weekend went pretty well. The goal for the trip was to gain some experience racing out of province and get a sense of riding as a team. I was able to pull off a second in the road race with the rest of the crew rolling in after in separate small packs. The TT course was super nice with smooth roads and beautiful scenery. All the guys on the team road well after a tough road course. The last stage was an out and back that was 42 miles in distance. Mat M. made the deciding move of the day after getting dropped on the climb, then chasing back and flying by the pack on the descent. The Americans were focused on me because I was the GC threat, where the younger guys were far enough back that they had some freedom, enough freedom that they didn’t chase Mat and he time trialed his heart out to the finish. With 5 km to go, I started sending our guys off the front one at a time. The Americans would chase it down and then we sent another off, again and again. I sat at the back waiting till the sprint and managed to edge out the other riders for the pack sprint. I just want to thank Ron Cooley and James Spooner for there hard work and help over the course of the weekend, we couldn’t have done it without them.

On a side note, I learned that Wyoming is a small state and has a lot of pick up trucks, dogs, and fireworks/beer in every corner store.

Finally, I find myself at BC superweek in Vancouver for the fastest racing of the Canadian road season. I am lucky enough to stay with Tim Sherstobitoff’s Aunt for the week and enjoy some of the best cooking I have ever experienced. I am guessing I will gain at least 10-15 pounds staying here because the cookies, muffins, suppers and desserts are sooooo good. Total Restoration just finished up a tough Tour de Whiterock, which featured a hill climb on Friday, crit on Saturday, and a hard road race on Sunday. For reports and results, you can check out the TR website- www.totalrestorationcycling.com. For myself, I finished 10th in the hill climb. I was 6 seconds from first place so you can image how close the times were. In the crit, I managed to finish and that was my goal. The crits at superweek are extremely tough with some of the best teams from North America driving the pace at the front for a straight hour. The crit started with around 80 racers and finished with maybe 30 or 40. The road race was today and features some seriously steep climbs. Our team felt the effects of the tough crit the night before and the demanding pace in the road race, as Sask boy Cory Forrest was the only TR rider to finish. Up next is the famous Gastown crit on Wednesday, which can have up to 10,000 fans watching so it should be a hoot! I will send out another report at the end of the week once I am back in Kelowna!

Untill end then, keep fit and have fun!