Hey gang, its been a while since I have sent out an update email so I figured what better time than now!

I have been back in Kelowna now for a month training and racing with the team. Tucson was an absolutely amazing experience. The riding and weather was just wicked for long days in the saddle and the motivation to ride was equally as good! I spent 3 and half weeks their and it flew by too quick, I wanted to stay for another couple of months if I could. My transition from the hot sun to the cool mountain air was easy as we had a Total Restortation team cycling camp in Okanagan Falls just outside of Penticton BC. It was a jam packed weekend of riding, team building activities and getting to hang out with the team. I started working at Fresh Air Experience in Kelowna as soon as I got here. With Gericks Cycle burning down, all the other bike shops are busier than ever, and with Specialized up for grabs, each bike shop is pushing hard for the massive line.

As far as racing goes, it has been a steady start for myself. We have had two races, Harris Roubaix and Maple ridge stage race. The roubaix is always interesting with 4km of gravel each lap. Race was solid as I finished in the main group, or was left of it and Tim, my teammate was 3rd which was awesome for the team to get Tim into the that position. Race the ridge was one of the hardest, but one best course I have ever ridden. The road race was featured a nasty 4 minute climb that had a section of almost 12%, which in the cycling world is a firkin wall! On first lap the pack blew to pieces, dropping guys at will. I got in a early break with a Red Truck rider and Velocity rider. We weren't felt alone no longer than a lap as we were a threat to the other teams not in it. Having a teammate in a break takes pressure off of the team, so they aren't forced to start a chase. Cory on our team made the break with 4 other riders which was awesome to see. I finished up 15th respectively with what was left of a field 65 strong. The TT and crit proceeded on the sunday with Cory getting 3rd and Tim sprinting for 2nd in the crit, the team was well represented in each stage. We have 4 weekends coming up of racing, 3 BC Cups and one stage race in the states, so I am looking forward to these races as I am starting to feel my form come on. Racing in March and April is always a hard thing in BC because of the amount of fit riders coming from the coast and the Okanagan seems to be just a bit behind with the winter months it recieves. I am doing a 6 hour mountain bike enduro called the Salty Dog in Salomon Arm this weekend which I am super pumped for. I get to use a Trek demo bike that rips on the down hills and the course it suppose to be a hoot!

SO I don't have any mory crazy stories about cops and exposing myself, but I have had some bad luck. After make the a long flight from Tucson to Kelowna, the airline busted my bike box half way through the trip, not cool when you have over 10 grand in gear packed in there. I bought the sweetest pair of nikes shoes in the world in tucson (Curtis and Andy and back me up on that) and they got stolen from the bowling alley at the team camp, and I was sooooooo ticked off I mean really, who steals shoes, honestly! And finally, I had a run in with dog on a ride by myself last week. I was rolling down the rode and a huge dog shot out of the orchard and bite me on the leg! S.... man that hurt! The owner was a half cut mexican that just got super mad at the dog and started swing a shovel at it yelling in mexican or something. If I didn't have bad luck, I wouldn't have any luck at all. Plus I am moving out of the place I am in for a long list of reasons, first one being the walls of the house are very thin........many sleepless nights.

Well that is my rant on things so far, I am sure you will get another this summer hopefully with stories of Good Luck:)

Yours Truly, BK Broiler