It's BK emailing from beautiful Tucson Arizona. Myself and my good buds, Andy Thomas and Curtis Wilde set out on a journey driving through the United States, hoping to make a smooth trip covering just under 3000 KM in 2 and a half days.

It was clear sailing as we past through Montana, Wyoming, and Colorado. On our second day of driving we were cruising through a hot day in New Mexico and I decided I couldn’t hold IT anymore, so we parked on the side of the road. We all figured it was a pretty standard procedure living in Canada to stop and pee on the side of the road. I think everyone has done it at least once on a long road trip?? Yes/No. Anyway, I walk out about 20 feet into the ditch, with my back facing the road and did my business, and walked back to the van. As I walked back a cop car drove right by us and immediately hit the hitch to turn around like a crazy scene out of COPS. The lights went on and our stomachs dropped. He approached the van with extreme caution like I was wanted for murder. For the next 10 minutes he questioned my as to how I could do such a thing and how it is a criminal offence to pee on the side of the road. He absolutely could not believe that I had done this before on the side of a road in Canada. They way he reacted, it sounded like I was naked, running around the interstate, pissing all over the place with a shit eating grin, while doing helicopter thrusts. He took our drivers licenses and went back to the car for what seemed like forever. After much deliberation on his part, I think he kinda decided he were not mass murders from the North. He took me out to his car and told me that I should be going to jail right now, but since it was 3:00pm and he was on his way home, he would be nice and let a judge decide what happens to me. Boy, they don’t get any better than this a...! So now I have to plead my case to a judge and he will decide what penalty I receive. Other than this small bump in the road, the trip went smoothly!

We have now been here for a week and done some really nice rides. The Saguaro’s (giant cactus) are as big as pine trees back home. We are living with 2 other dudes, Steve from Fort St. John (Always keeping our energy levels good as he puts it) and Aaron from Edmonton.

Temperatures have been around the 20’s but in the desert sun it feels waaaaaaay hotter. I am just getting over some nice sun burns. The infamous “shootout” happens every Saturday morning so I hope to do 2 of them before I head back to Kelowna. Big names pros like Todds Wells and Gord Fraser show up the shootouts pretty regularly so it should be some crazy fast racing.

Aside from the great cycling, most things in Arizona are super cheap. The three of us drove down here for $75 each! And the gas prices equate to 77 cents a litre. I can’t remember the last time they were that cheap back home.

Anywho, thanks for reading and I hope to send a couple more emails before I back.

BK Broiler