Hey everybody,

So I just finished my first 2 races of the year in BC. Man it's the end of March and guys from the coast are ripping already. Both races took place in Langley on Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday, we woke up to rain, tons of rain, 100mm of rain to be exact. The course was 13 laps of a 10km loop= 130km of fun. The loop included 3 pretty good climbs and a few fast sweeping downhills. The pack stared at about 40 or so racers and ended with like 15. A few laps into the race, Corey who is my teammate and director of the team, flatted, so 3 of the guys on the team who heard him flat stayed back and waited for him. These spring series races are good training races and what better time to practice chasing as a team then now. Corey, Ryan, Dan, and myself were pushing like mad to catch the main group which was probably 2 minutes up the road now. As we were ripping, we dropped Ryan, then Dan, and it was just me and Corey pulling hard. As we wheeled guys in who got dropped from the main pack, we just spit them out as our pace was through the roof. Finally, we caught a group of 6 riders which was what was left of the main pack. By now there was breakaway of about 8 guys with Carlos, one of our teammates in it which was good. I ended up in the 15 guys who finished. AT the end of the day I was happy and surprised at how I rode, considering the low mileage I have, compared to all the other guys.

Sunday was warm and sunny-finally after being water logged alllllll day. The race was 140km and saw a lot more guys out to this race because of the warm weather, and brought fresh leg- guys who didn't race the day before and were eager to hammer. A little more than half way through the race, a break had formed up the road and pace in the pack was ripping. I was really tired from the day before and was just able to hold onto a group that had formed after the pack got destroyed by attacks. By this time there was a few different packs all over the course and eventually just finished up with the guys I was with for the last 3rd of the race. I got some good hard racing in this past weekend and look forward to a nice rest week coming up, and get some more hours in at work. Next race is mid April, which is BC #1, so I am looking forward to that.

Hope you guys liked my story

Until next time, keep fit and have fun!