News from the South

Hello Everyone, On Monday, February 26th, Curtis Wilde, Cody Canning, and myself, left Regina and drove south towards Tucson, Arizona, for 2 months of warm weather training. Not to knock the balmy weather Saskatchewan has been enjoying since out departure. We spent the first night in Casper, Wyoming, where you would be hard pressed to find any vehicle that wasn't a diesel 4X4. After another day of driving, we arrived in the town of Socorro, New Mexico, which is about one hour south of Albuquerque. Finally, on the third day of driving we arrived at our final destination, despite Cody's best navigational efforts to get us lost.

Excited to get out on our first ride of the year in just shorts and a jersey, we hit the roads Thursday, March 1. Unfortunately, we arrived in a relatively cold and windy stretch for Tucson, but being from Saskatchewan, the crew thought it was great. It only got better from there. It is routinely in the high 20's with nearly windless conditions. The roads are generally in good condition, and seemingly endless possibilities of epic rides. The most famous being the climb of Mt. Lemmon, which is 27 miles and six eco-zones of pure leg-burning enjoyment.

On one of my gravity defying descents off Mt. Lemmon, I ran into two older ex-pro cyclists. As we were riding back towards Tucson, the topic of hockey came up, and these two cyclist start laughing at me and one of them says, "You can take the Canuck out of Canada but you can't take Canada out of the Canuck". This was all in good fun, but they decided that it was a low blow and bought me a Gatorade for compensation. Who says all Americans are intolerant to Canadians?

Anyways, so far, so good. The training is going well, I'm feeling fine, the weathers great, alls good on the Tucson front.

You stay classy Sask,
I'm Andrew Thomas