News from the South

Hello Everyone,

We are now living in Santa Rosa, California, which is about an hour north of San Francisco. Our new place is in the heart of wine country, and is fully furnished. So, we are now living in the lap of luxury, when compared to our bachelor pad in Tucson. The riding around here is definitely the best I have ever experienced, with miles and miles of smoothly paved, rolling roads. We are even neighbors with Discovery’s, Levi Leipheimer, and he reportedly lets anyone ride with him, as long as you remain behind him. Unfortunately, he left for the Tour of Georgia a couple of days before we arrived. It is usually about ten degrees cooler here than Tucson and slightly more windy, but I find it well worth the sacrifice, when comparing the riding…….I guess I’m getting a little spoiled down here.

Between my bank account being nearly depleted, and eating oatmeal for 2 meals a day, it is time to come home. We will be leaving here in about a weeks time, and heading back to Sask. So I will see you all at the races.

You stay classy Sask,

I’m Andrew Thomas