News from the South

Hello Everyone, I've been down here for a month now and signs of being away from home are starting to shine through. The biker tan everyone knows so well, is already out of control and absolutely ridiculous; I have grown accustomed to no-name Cheerios; and it is almost second nature to do my own laundry.

Anyways, about my latest adventure under the Arizona sun. I was on a routine ride when I get one flat tire and then a second. I fix these flats with no problems, but now I'm out of spare tubes. Instead of sensibly heading back, I press on in the hopes that my bad luck was behind me. Of course I was wrong, and I get another flat. I was stranded on a secluded back country road about 50 km from home, and all I could think about was the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Fortunately, before my imagination got the best of me, a friendly cyclist lends me a tube to get myself home.

Now, you would think that this is the end of the story, but my adventure wasn't over. This day I was just destined to get as many flats as possible. So I get one last flat, but by this time I am in the city, still 15 km from home. I calmly get off my bike and burst into a rash of curses in an attempt to make myself feel better. Before I could come up with a sensible plan to get myself home, I was picked up by an older cyclist in a pick-up truck. He was thrilled to hear that I was from Canada and very interested in my stories from a foreign land. He dropped me off at my front door and refused the money I offered him for his troubles.

Glad to have that ordeal over with, I passed out on my luxurious air mattress to get ready for another crazy day in saddle.

Please tune in next time for more wacky adventures from the Tucson Front.

You stay classy Sask,

I'm Andrew Thomas